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Music Program Donation

Music appreciation is an invaluable tool that can provide countless benefits to the academic studies for our young scholars. Although public education is free, the enrichment afforded through music education is often not. Cowan Avenue Music Program is one enrichment opportunity that is not free. Our current program has an annual budget of $30,000 and is partly funded by Cowan PTO. At Cowan, we expect every family to do their share and contribute to our program, so our scholars can have the music program they deserve.
This year, we are thrilled to begin a partnership with Music Rhapsody AND have orchestra return to Cowan after a two year hiatus. Music Rhapsody’s award-winning music education program is based on Orff Schulwerk, a creative teaching philosophy that harnesses students' instinctive creative energy to play, imitate, experiment, and learn through music. The Orff Schulwerk approach is the national standard for the best in elementary music education. Specifically, this approach focuses on allowing students to enjoy the fun of singing, moving, and playing high-quality percussion instruments and recorders in a joyful, game-like group setting while learning to read, write and create music. Lessons are designed to spark creativity and elicit higher-level thinking skills.
At Cowan, our goal is to have a sustainable music program. This is where concerned parents and community members can lend their support. We are asking every family to donate towards the cost of these enrichment activities offered to our scholars. To support this program, the annual suggested amount is $50 for a single student and $75 for a family with multiple students. This program, offered through Music Rhapsody along with orchestra, will provide much-needed resources to our excelling scholars and make for a great Spring Concert in April 2019.
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